The Promise of Creativity

This year has been a, let’s not be too coy here, pain in the arse. COVID-19 has upended our plans and forced us to rethink how we do what we do. And that’s just at work. But we wouldn’t be the home of Freestyle if we weren’t ready for this.

We tell our clients that the promise of creativity is that there is always another way. A pure being of endless creative ability, someone who sees every option and entertains every possibility, would never find a dead end. All change would come with opportunities, no matter how horrible the situation.

And it is horrible. It’s horrible that we can’t see our friends, that we can’t gather together the way we want to. Human connection is essential to happiness and growth.

That said, as believers in The Promise we had to look at this situation and ask ourselves what other ways we could find. We knew we would be looking to make Freestyle our core offering sooner or later. Well, it turns out it’s sooner!

Freestyle Learning & Performance is a new approach to self directed, peer supported, real world performance driven learning. And we’re now open for early adopters, Daredevils if you will (and that’s what we’re calling them!) who’re sick of being on the back foot and ready to start changing things for themselves.

We have a lot more to share on this topic in the next few weeks so get in touch if you want to be on the mailing list (we really will try not to spam you – no matter how excited we get). But for now maybe it’s enough to remind you that there are no dead ends. If you can reach inside you, find a little more creative juice, and stay patient with the challenge for a moment or two longer, you’ll find that whatever you’re facing can be overcome.

The Obstacle Becomes the Way.

Marcus Aurelius’¬†Meditations¬†5.20

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