Aran ReES

Co-Founder and Individual and Team Performance Coach

"I started Sabre Tooth Panda® to solve the mystery of why, even though we know so much about how creativity works, we often struggle to express it, and then to do something about that. Once I realised that it comes down to how you relate to creativity, not what you know, the solutions started to present themselves. Now I just have to find a way to reach seven and a half billion people!"

Aran works with individuals and groups using play, coaching, and mindfulness, to help them get to know creativity, understand how they relate to it, and begin to improve that relationship. 


Ladina Rees

Co-Founder and Organisational Performance Expert

"I love big, messy problems, and making them neat and tidy. And I love creativity. So I help turn the messy stuff in creativity into simple stuff that Sabre Tooth Panda® can use to help clients. After years of work in process change, facilitating massive workshops and shepherding global re-organisations I'm used to making messy things look easy."

Ladina is an experienced Lean practitioner and business strategist with a Masters in Creativity and Change from Buffalo State University of New York. She has over a decade of experience delivering large scale business change operations in the IT industry working between business functions and technical capabilities as well as designing and delivering training and development to leaders at all levels. 


Sarah Seymour

Wellness at Work Partner

"I care about helping people to get more from their working life by bringing more of themselves to their jobs. This requires a values-based approach, exploring what motivates people, what their strengths are and where they’re limiting themselves. As well as one-to-one work, I also deliver workshops on topics like stress management, work-life balance and happiness at work."

Sarah trained at the Coaching Academy and is accredited via the ICF’s ACSTH scheme. She's a trained improviser and linguist, and holds a certification in Positive Psychology through the University of California, Berkley. Sarah has an Honours degree in French and Drama from the University of Kent, enjoys yoga, tries to rollerblade and loves cats.