Trestle Theatre Company

Sabre Tooth Panda is proud to partner with Trestle Theatre Company to offer world class theatre skills based workshops to help you discover, deepen and deliver on your relationship with creativity. 

Since their foundation in 1981 Trestle has always believed that helping young and old engage in creativity was a job worth doing. Today Trestle delivers theatre skills based workshops for thousands of participants every year including:

Working with Sabre Tooth Panda makes so much sense because both companies believe that creativity is about being practical, getting up and doing things, finding ways to express yourself that don’t rely on sitting at a computer or reading a book. We’re looking forward to reaching a whole new audience and helping them build their relationship with creativity
— Emily Gray - Artistic Director at Trestle
  • Half mask workshops
  • Physical theatre training
  • Clowning workshops

Trestle workshop programmes are built around relevant issues, strong partnerships and theatrical innovation and now, with Sabre Tooth Panda, they're bringing that innovation and decades of experience to a new audience as part of the Hard, Not Complicated approach to creativity. 

Trestle has a wide range of experienced and talented arts professionals. Primarily we work with: 

Emily Gray - Artistic Director

Emily Gray became Artistic Director of Trestle in 2004 and has since brought Trestle Arts Base to life with community arts activity and artist development, making Trestle a leading provider of mask and physical theatre education and training. Previously, Emily was Artistic Director of TAG Theatre Company, a young people’s touring theatre based in Glasgow. From 1999 she was the Associate Director at Unicorn Theatre, the UK’s leading theatre for children and young people. In 1996 she was awarded the Channel 4 bursary for young directors at Nottingham Playhouse. Emily studied Theology at Cambridge University and trained in directing at The Central School of Speech and Drama and has worked extensively in physical theatre and storytelling, both as a director and a teacher.


Joseph Arm - Mask Team Leader

Joseph Arm began working for Trestle in September 2009, after finishing his degree in Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire. Having spent most of his time focusing on portraiture, he instantly fell in love with the Trestle masks and quickly took over the role of Mask Team Leader. He continuously uses his skills in drawing and portraiture to create more unique and interesting masks and images to support the work of the Company.





Trestle Arts Base

Trestle Arts Base was opened in 2002

Trestle Arts Base was opened in 2002

This is Trestle Arts Base, where we host some of our workshops alongside Trestle's regular work in arts and education. Trestle claims that this building is haunted, having previously been the chapel for  two psychiatric hospitals. Sabre Tooth Panda LTD holds no official position on the existence of spooks, spectres or ghosts. But if there's a steady pay check in it, we'll believe anything you say.

Masks, a great way to uncover something

Trestle sells around 700 sets of masks a year to clients in over ninety countries as far afield as Australia, Iceland and Brazil, mainly to educational establishments, but also to arts and training organisations and therapy centres. 

Be careful though - once you've all got masks on you can never be entirely sure who anyone is, including yourself!


How we can help you

As you know, the Hard Not Complicated approach is all about instant change, gradually. My clients build strong relationships with creativity by understanding what creativity really means to them in their world, identifying self limiting beliefs or unhelpful behaviours, and then working to change them through games, exercises, coaching and facilitated workshops. 

Now consider how 35 years of theatre experience can help with that process.

How might improvisation and puppetry workshops break down the barriers to communication and self knowledge? What about clowning as a way to make playfulness a normal part of your process? Could the use of masks release you to adopt new personas and, thus, find new insights? Or might collaborative storytelling help your team finally understand what it is they are really here to achieve?

All of these are built in to the Hard Not Complicated methodology. So not only do you enjoy the experience but you know it's part of a structured journey; strengthening your relationship with creativity, helping you to understand how you relate and respond to it, and letting you identify, build and integrate the kinds of habits, thinking patterns and attitudes that make creativity happen every day. 

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