No Wrong Answers: creativity belongs to everyone

Working on getting budget to bring us in but can't wait to get involved? No Wrong Answers is for you. 

1 - The No Wrong Answers Pub Quiz! 

Like a regular pub quiz but instead of trivia and general knowledge the questions are all creative challenges designed to awaken your inner creative genius. Come as you are or with some mates, bring work colleagues, clients or potential love interests and show off your creative chops. Nothing is sexier than creativity.  

We generally run the games in pubs and bars in and around London and St. Albans starting around half past six on a school night. We're normally done by half past eight so everyone can get home before bedtime. Join our Meetup to get involved!

See these people? They did it. Look how happy they are. 


2 - the No Wrong Answers blog! 

Here it is: 

This is where the bulk of our pro-creativity, anti-boredom and conformity propaganda is posted. We share updates from the quiz, talk about some of the work Sabre Tooth Panda is into and muse provocatively about how to bring about the glorious revolution that is surely coming. 

3 - the No Wrong Answers podcast! 

Like the blog but more ear centric. Search No Wrong Answers in your favourite podcast player or check us out on Soundcloud here.

The podcast includes interviews and discussions with creative types, and potentially some of Sabre Tooth Panda's more extroverted clients. We'll also share recordings from the quiz (potentially unsafe for children or those easily upset but unexpected opinions) to give people an insight into just how much fun it sounds like people are having.