Sabre Tooth Panda believes that expressing creativity isn't about special talent or complicated tools. It's about a relationship.

The reason most businesses, most teams, most people fail to express creativity is not a lack of knowledge. In reality it comes down to how they relate to creativity; something shaped by attitudes, beliefs, habits and emotions. 

Creativity is your birthright. Claim it. 

We coach, we play games, we communicate, and facilitate to help our clients build stronger relationships with creativity. Whether that means understanding the role of curiosity or dealing with fear, openness to change or seeing opportunity in adversity, Sabre Tooth Panda fosters awareness, guides understanding, and drives action. 

Tools and talent are wonderful things. But tools and talent in an institution that has a negative relationship with creativity are about as useful as giving a bicycle to a fish. 

how to begin

The very essence of our approach is that there is no single way to help bring people and creativity together. All relationships are different and usually part of the problem has been in not realising this to begin with. But all journeys, no matter how different the destination, have some things in common; a beginning. 

Serious Play

Play is our most natural way of learning and growing. It's also the most powerful. We run sessions called No Wrong Answers and they are a great way to begin your journey, a way of learning about your relationship with creativity through play. Sometimes this comes in the form of a quiz, sometimes improvisational games, sometimes a just-for-fun creative project. This way of starting is flexible, fun, and deep. 

The Minimal Viable Change

Sometimes a more practical approach is desired, and this is where the Minimum Viable Change comes in. To help build a better relationship with creativity it's important to see success and to prove to yourself, either as an individual or as a group, that you can change. The Minimum Viable Change begins by identifying an element of how your business runs that could be a keystone habit or powerful normaliser around creativity and tackles it. Lessons learned from this process eventually enable wider changes to come to fruition. 

Collective Mindfulness 

A third approach is to seek to change nothing at all other than the collective awareness of the group. Just by what we talk about, the images we share, the stories we tell, we can shift collective consciousness is deliberate and powerful ways. 


our Manifesto


Creativity is too important to be sidelined and misunderstood. Our manifesto outlines what we believe is the general cause of our current problems, how those problem affect you and what we intend to do about it. If you feel the same way, become part of the solution and join the fight. 


Part One: The Mystics V's The Academics

Creativity has been stolen.

The birthright of all humans, creativity was first taken hostage by The Mystics who shrouded it in superstition and magic. Creativity, we were told, was the preserve of a special class of gifted people, touched by the gods and chosen by the muses.

In the 18th Century The Enlightenment offered hope, false hope. The Academics blew away the fog of mysticism only to replace it with the pristine metal cage of processes, tools, techniques, and proprietary knowledge. To be creative, we were told, you needed to become one of them - learn the tools, read the books, follow the processes.

Once again the message was clear: creativity is ours, not yours.

Sabre Tooth Panda is the resistance.

Part Two: Part of the Machine

You were born a creative genius.

As a child you moved from one experience to another driven by nothing more than autotelic joy. Curious and inventive, the world existed to be understood, enjoyed, and reshaped.

Do you remember?

Then The Machine took hold.

The Machine taught you that life is about right and wrong answers, that curiosity and excitement were childish ideas not befitting a serious adult, so you learned to hide them away. You learned to be a "professional".

Few of us realised that the systems we created to serve us were slowly crushing us. At some point, no one is quite sure when, we ended up serving them.

Sabre Tooth Panda is the resistance.

Part Three: Still Human

There remains hope.

You are still human. Your friends are still human. The people you work with are still human. The capacity to experience and express creativity in infinite variations remains part of your DNA. Hidden, crushed, but not destroyed.

There never was a special gift. There never was a secret code. At the centre of it all there was simply a relationship with creativity.

Think of creativity as a friend. You chat, you play, sometimes you fight. But through all of this you remain friends. And like all good friendships you are stronger together.

It's time to rekindle that friendship.

Join the resistance.

Aran Rees - founder 

Aran Rees - founder 


Aran Rees
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