what are you in for?

We don’t like to pre-empt your needs. That is to say, it’s only when we know the context and requirements of a client that we can really begin to get specific about the exact set of interventions that can help. But we also understand that you want to know what kind of thing you’d be in for if you open your door to Sabre Tooth Panda.

So, on this page, we’ve collected a set of examples of the kinds of things we do with reference to particular areas that tend to come up a lot. They have been organised into Individual Greatness, Collective Brilliance, and Organisational Flow but, like all complex things, these categories overlap in various ways. If you’re mostly interested in how people learn and grow as individuals then begin in Individual Greatness. If you’re more concerned with team behaviours then go to Collective Brilliance. If the way your organisation works as a whole is what’s brought you here then go to Organisational Flow.

Individual Greatness

Collective Brilliance

Organisational Flow

Pain, Gain, and Sustain

Greatness is all about growth. When we talk about helping individuals to be great, we mean that in a literal sense. We want them to be more than they tend to be, more than they think they can be. Which, when you get down to it, means we want them to suffer.

Did you ever notice how we’re always telling people to get out of their comfort zones and stay hungry? Why is it that we never say, out loud, that what we want is pain. Not just any pain, but the pain that comes with growth and change. If you really intend to be great then that means you intend to suffer. What’s outside of your comfort zone? Yes, that’s right. Discomfort.

Pain, Gain, and Sustain is a set of interventions focused on re-wiring your relationship with pain.

  • How can you tell the difference between good pain and bad?

  • How do you talk about pain in the workplace?

  • What kinds of self care and co-active support can you use to ensure that pain is rapidly followed by recovery and growth