Sabre Tooth Panda offers a range of services for organisations but you don’t have to wait for your boss to get started. We’ve designed these powerful products that are available to everyone.

Don’t wait for the people who own the machine to get enlightened. Empower yourself and show them the way.

Daring to be Great

Daring to be Great is a game of sharing and daring, built upon the simple childhood game of dares.

You will join a group of people in an online group who have one thing in common: a desire to become their best self, whatever that turns out to be. And, following the format set out by Sabre Tooth Panda you will take share with one another your challenges and goals, and then take it in turns to dare one another to do something that will take your team mates closer to their goals, and just a little outside of their comfort zones.

Players will receive individual support from Sabre Tooth Panda, a steady stream of content to help the team work better together, and facilitation when things get tricky. Get in touch for more details. If you dare.

The Goat club

The Goat Club is an in person learning experience for autodidacts everywhere.

Supported by Sabre Tooth Panda you will get together with a group of explorers who’ve had enough of just reading about big ideas and who are ready to go and try them out in the real world. Do something valuable with that pile of books on the shelf. Learn about paradigm shifting ideas, and then Go Out And Try - GOAT!

The Goat Club is a great way to learn through doing without exams and coursework. The syllabus grows and changes with you and your club mates. You’ll learn to follow your curiosity, test and validate theories, and apply these theories to your own life. You’ll discuss and debate, challenge and be challenged. It’s like all the good parts of University without the crippling debt.

No Wrong Answers

The hypothetical Pub Quiz that’s date night for you and your creative side.

We all enjoy a pub quiz, but wouldn’t it be nice to leave your trivia and general knowledge at home once in a while and instead come prepared for the kind of quiz where anything goes and there are no wrong answers? Build a fun, flexible, relationship with creativity by coming along to the hypothetical pub quiz where every question has a thousand answers and the hard part is to choose just one.

Free to attend. Come alone or bring some friends, we'll set you up with a team and then it's play time.

Sabre Tooth Panda at the Movies

We watch movies, we talk about movies, and we learn stuff.

We love movies and, watched the right way, a movie can be a great learning tool. Explore creative problem solving with Matt Damon in The Martian, discover the hidden value in overlooked talent with Brad Pitt in Moneyball, or learn the danger of group think with Steve Carrell in The Big Short. Join us for big ideas on the big screen.

The Platypus Post

Raising curious, self directed, creative children who are ready for the future is the job of every parent. And, with The Platypus Post, you’ll find it’s not just the children getting an education.

Sabre Tooth Panda, in partnership with our local Montessori Nursery, has developed a monthly activity collection aimed at parents who know that creativity and curiosity are amongst the most important skills for the future. Children are natural learners, but keeping them that way takes the right kind of environment and a plenty of energy. The Platypus Post is designed to bring the magic of Montessori to every home, and the Sabre Tooth Panda touch to you and your career at the same time.

Each month you’ll receive an electronic activity pack outlining a key part of the Montessori method, a set of activities to do with your child, and a set of lessons that you can use in your work.

Once a quarter, email subscribers will be invited to come and take part in The Platypus Games, a group activity where you can meet other parents and share your experiences whilst taking part in creative games together.

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