Don't make it about you

I could do an entire seminar on this, a whole day even. But for this medium I'll simply say this; when you're trying to make things, you have to remember that it isn't about you. Critique is hard to take when you imagine it is a critique of you. But when you remember that you have a higher purpose, a shared goal, you can let go of that personal stuff. 

You are not the product. You serve the product. When you make criticism of the product into an attack on you then you do three things: 

  1. You become inflexible; if you've attached your sense of self to the product then you can hardly alter the product without having to alter who you are. 
  2. You lose sight of possibilities; becoming attached to one thing is the best way to blind yourself to other things. Let go of attachment and be more creative. 
  3. You make it impossible for others to share their honest thoughts; people don't want to upset you and if they fear that they will they will withhold the truth. 

Be a more creative team by making sure it isn't about you.