Through the Crappy Valley: Doubling Down on Dumb

Consider this little factoid.

@qikipedia: After WWII, the US thought about dropping enormous condoms labelled ‘Medium’ onto the Soviet Union.

It seems that after WWII the USA believed, if only briefly, that we could demoralise the Soviets by making them believe that American men were hung like donkeys. A fascinating thought. But maybe your reaction to this idea is more derision than delight.

The usual reactions to this kind of thing will range from chuckling at the boys club nonsense to perhaps some irritation that the serious world of combat and war was sullied by such silliness. But what I see is one of the best tactics for navigating the Crappy Valley.


The Crappy Valley is that place just after you run out of ordinary, obvious ideas. You've plateaued and no new ideas are coming. And then you begin the descent. Inexperienced idea explorers will turn back, seeing only a barren land ahead. But those who've travelled this path before will tell you that beyond the Crappy Valley lies the Peak of Awesome; the place of truly great ideas.

The problem is the Crappy Valley. You can't just stroll through it. It's a place that tests us all and many of us become so lost that turning back is our only hope. But not the chaps (it must have been chaps) who came up with the massive johnnies.

There are a number of techniques for getting through the Crappy Valley but one of the most fun is simply having fun or Doubling Down on Dumb as I like to call it. The Crappy Valley messes with your sense of direction, making it hard to know where good ideas are hiding. So why worry about having good ideas?

Dumb ideas are, in the Crappy Valley, like flares that illuminate the path ahead. Celebrate them. Revel in them. Be silly. Be funny. Be dumb.

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