You know that movie, Benjamin Button?

The one where Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett play lovers who, tragically, can't grow old together because one of them, Brad Pitt, is ageing backwards? Well the story of Aran and Ladina is basically nothing like that. Aside, that is, from one strong thematic connection. When it comes to their interests in making businesses work better, they're on parallel paths but traveling in opposite directions.

You see, Aran and Ladina met when they were both working at Fujitsu and they bonded over a shared passion for improving, well, everything. But while Ladina was on a journey into the centre of the machine, convinced that if she could get to the core she would be able to fix every problem in the whole organisation, Aran was more concerned with not getting assimilated. For Aran the challenge was about the people. He looked at the humans around him and wanted, desperately, to help them to be more, both individually and as teams. Whilst Ladina was all about making the machine work perfectly, getting rid of waste and fixing the environment in which these humans had to work.

As it turns out, after many years of coffees, drinks, dates, living together, getting married, and having a child, during which time much conversation was able to take place, these two seemingly contradictory paths actually describe the yin and yang of the whole big challenge.

Now, with Sabre Tooth Panda, Aran and Ladina have found a way to combine their passions and offer something quite unique by seeing organisations from both the perspective of the humans and of the machine, working to make the relationship between the two make sense.