Sabre Tooth Panda exists to help you learn how to work naked

No, we aren’t advocating some kind of nudist revolution. Of course, if that’s your thing, more power to you. What we are advocating is a reimagining of the relationship between humans and the organisations they work in.

So what about all this naked stuff?

More often than not, when people talk to you about these kinds of things, what they have to offer turns out to be another layer between you and what you do. More tools, more processes, more systems and governance. They come along and swap your current encumbrances for a fresh set or, more often than not, simply layer this new set on top of the old.

Sabre Tooth Panda is different because we don’t know the solution to your problems.

Let me qualify that.

We don’t know the solution you need, but we’re really great at helping you to get there. And that means getting down to the naked core of what it is you do, why and how you do it, and what’s stopping you achieving greatness, brilliance, and flow.

What does this all mean?

Greatness, brilliance, and flow describe the core elements that, when present, result in extraordinary performance.

Greatness: we believe that the world needs more from everyone of us as individuals. That is, it needs us to be more tomorrow than we are today. That’s what we call greatness. So we work to help individuals find their own sustainable path to continual growth and change.

Brilliance: we also believe the world needs more from us collectively. Too often even truly great individuals come together to form amazingly dull teams. But if you can find a way to spark ideas, communicate, motivate, lead and exceed together then we can become collectively brilliant. Figuratively lighting the way.

Flow: finally we believe that organisations are machines for working in. When we connect with these machines we should feel stronger, faster, smarter. Which means our organisations need to flow; shedding friction and needless complexity in favour of clarity, power, and a sense of purpose.

How we get you naked

We use play, coaching, and mindfulness based interventions to find the greatness hidden within your individuals, the brilliant potential of your teams, and the flow that your organisation needs.

We deal with fundamental things like how you relate to creativity, what kinds of rules people are following even without knowing it, and what structures of your organisation might be working against your stated goals. We know that small changes coupled with a great deal of focus are more powerful than the big, dramatic stuff that serves mostly to show off how clever your consultants are so we’re not afraid to keep it simple and let you and your people take the lead.



If you want to know if we know our stuff, ask the people who've seen our stuff up close and personal.

I can always rely on Aran to come up with something, no matter what I throw at him. He’s improvisational and fun, an engaging presenter, and we get great feedback from his workshops.
— Swarna Sudha, Head of Talent and Development UK & Ireland, TCS
Unlike so many trainers, Aran helped us actually understand how we could be more creative and solve problems based on how we related to creativity, what we believed about ourselves and our abilities. He didn’t just help us solve the problem but actually helped us be problem solvers.
— Ellie Best, Sales Learning and Development Consultant, Invesco
Such a dream team! It’s been such good fun working with Sabre tooth Panda. It’s one of the best things I’ve been a part of in terms of collaboration and quality of output.  The team enabled us to work in an agile way ourselves which was incredibly refreshing and rewarding.
— Vicki Heaven-Chinnick, Talent Programme Manager, BT  
The Showcase was great, we didn’t know what to expect and were pleasantly surprised. Everyone enjoyed it and it perfectly demonstrates how sometimes we need to let go of the strategy and trust in ourselves. The session was very active and amusing, and a great bonding session for everyone involved.
— Cici Baxter - NKD
Sabre Tooth Panda’s approach to creativity is practical and focused on the needs of the client. They provided workable results, with some things we could do right now and others to build up to. Aran leads with experience managing teams client-side, allowing him to fully understand our perspective and requirements.
— Will Akerman, Founder and MD at MyKindaFuture
I originally attended No Wrong Answers as I was simply intrigued by the title. I kept  returning because it was not only a lot of fun but tapped directly into my sense of natural creativity. It allows a group to explore expansive ideas without boundaries, it’s completely absent of the usually formulaic, staid, often pressurised environments of similar activities. The learning you make is instinctive, whilst deeply seated and carefully applied.
— Adam Burtt-Jones, Director, Burtt-Jones & Brewer

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