TO GET CREATIVE, get creative confidence.

  • Are you tired of learning about creativity but never actually expressing creativity?
  • Does it bother you that five year olds who've never had any training are more creative than the adults who have?
  • Are you looking for a different way to get your people solving problems and embracing change? A way that works?

Sabre Tooth Panda® was founded to solve a mystery. Why is it that no matter how many creativity tools and techniques you teach them, when people go back to the office they never seem to be any more creative? After a while the answer seems obvious; expressing creativity has nothing to do with what you know and everything to do with confidence. 

We were born knowing how to be creative, what's changed over the years isn't the knowledge in our heads but how we relate to creativity. Where once we were confident, so much so that it didn't even occur to us that we were doing anything special, now we see hesitation, self limiting beliefs, insecurity and bad creative habits. Just like how reading books on nutrition won't help you get healthy if you've still got a bad relationship with food, learning tools and techniques won't actually help you express creativity until you've built a strong relationship with creativity itself. So that's what Sabre Tooth Panda works on; your relationship with creativity. This is true for individuals, teams, and entire businesses. Get the relationship right, rebuild the confidence, and creativity happens. This isn't some quick fix solution, like any relationship, building a strong one with creativity takes time. But getting started doesn't have to take long at all. 

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Building a relationship with creativity is hard, not complicated. We can't take away the hard work, but we do make the hard work fun. If you want to know how we do it, click here.

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The Showcase was great, we didn’t know what to expect and were pleasantly surprised. Everyone enjoyed it and it perfectly demonstrates how sometimes we need to let go of the strategy and trust in ourselves. The session was very active and amusing, and a great bonding session for everyone involved.
— Cici Baxter - NKD
The workshops created along with Aran, have brought us a “fresh look and feel” for our creativity sessions in our leadership programmes. We have incorporated new elements and accommodated them into our organisational culture. Also, consistent feedback from our delegates include: new insights on how to deal or approach challenges and how to realise new ways of thinking.
— - Juliana Castillo and Stephen Dyas, TCS
Sabre Tooth Panda’s approach to creativity is practical and focused on the needs of the client. They provided workable results, with some things we could do right now and others to build up to. Aran leads with experience managing teams client-side, allowing him to fully understand our perspective and requirements.
— Will Akerman, Founder and MD at MyKindaFuture
The No Wrong Answers quiz was a fun and meaningful way to explore our creativity and push beyond our perceived boundaries. Every member of the team expressed their satisfaction as the activity enabled us to engage with each other as well as break our “creativity stereotypes”. Aran did a great job managing the whole thing being delightful and insightful at the same time. If you are tired of typical business workshops and wish to enhance your approach to creativity in a fun yet targeted way, then Aran’s creativity quiz is a great option to add to the mix!
— Sofia Michalopoulou, Tata Consultancy Services
I used the Speakeasy offering from Sabre Tooth Panda and Work Bubbles and found it to be an interesting and refreshing way of applying new thinking to my problem. The anonymity added a new dimension by freeing up participants to maximise their openness and creativity.
— Dave Madigan, Global Innovation and Brand Change Director at Diageo

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